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Georgetown University
December 9 Georgetown University, Washington, DC Chic will join Mali’s Ambassador to the US and other experts on a panel to discuss the future of the  . . .

What is Peacebuilding

“Peacebuilding is the set of initiatives by diverse actors in government and civil society to address the root causes of violence and protect civilians before, during, and after violent conflict. Peacebuilders use communication, negotiation, and mediation instead of belligerence and violence to resolve conflicts. Effective peacebuilding is multi-faceted and adapted to each conflict environment. There is no one path to peace, but pathways are available in every conflict environment. Peacebuilders help belligerents find a path that will enable them to resolve their differences without bloodshed.”



Mr. Dambach is a knowledgeable and inspirational speaker at local and national events and on college campuses on the topics of peacebuilding, the global convergence of cultures, and building climates of respect.

His consulting firm Dambach & Associates has helped dozens of arts councils, environmental centers, colleges, chambers of commerce and other nonprofits evaluate and improve their organizational operations and resource development capacities..